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The 21st century is a digital era based on information technology. As the pace of catching up with the times is getting faster and faster, we have increasingly accumulated more and more tension and pressure in our work and life. Coupled with the frequent natural and man-made disasters, the global pandemic has even brought more fluctuations to our lives. Our plans often fail to keep up with the changes.
At this time, how should you and I settle down, and how to be immunised from this global disaster?
Life is composed of both body and mind. To live a good life, we must take care of both, especially focusing on the mind, because what the heart thinks will make the body behave. The actions of the body will shape our destiny for tomorrow and the future.
Let’s cheer up and follow the methods of the wise to settle our mind and body. No matter how big the predicament is, our hearts have the ability to fly in the vast universe on the wings of wisdom~

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