4 gourmet dishes you need to welcome the Chinese New Year

Festival, colourful and yummy gourmet dishes all ready for a brand new Chinese New Year, with 4 gourmet dishes to welcome this joyful festive.

Malaysia Bo Re Buddhist Association at Tebrau (Kota Tinggi point), Johor first ever Vegetarian cuisine cooking class have official open, the class was held by Sister Lee Booi. The dishes that was created were 4 New Year festive dishes.

This joyous festive is a time to spend with your loved ones and family members, by using healthy and nutritious ingredients to prepare the dishes not only does it promote healthy living, reducing carbon footprint but it also reduces burden on our stomach making it easier to absorb all the wonderful nutrients in the food. This allows family members to enjoy the nutritious dishes without losing the New Year festival feels.

丽梅老师与大家分享如何切白萝卜片的秘诀。Sister Lee Booi shows the class on the correct method in preparing daikon radish slices.
学员聚精会神地观看老师的料理示范。The participants paid close attention while learning the step by step method to prepare the dish.
精选营养健康的食材,而且各种食材在烹煮前都浸泡了环保酵素。All the nutritious ingredients were soaked in an enzyme blend to remove any pesticides or chemicals before cooking.
学员们跟着老师的步骤,学习如何制作色香味俱全的年菜料理。The participants followed Sister Lee Booi instructions, and learn how to replicate a Chinese New Year dish that is full of colour, flavour and nutrients.
丽梅老师分享如何摆盘,让年菜更增添色彩。Sister Lee Booi shared on how to decorate the dishes attractively to make it appealing to all ages.
义工为大家介绍“用得安心,吃得健康”的酱料和产品。The volunteers happily introduce products and cooking ingredients that emphasizes on safe consumption while maintaining our health.
4道色香味俱全的年菜上桌咯!(左起是春竹报晓、金玉满堂、春到人间和喜临鸿福)4 gourmet dishes that are full with flavour, colour and nutrients are ready to be served!
烹饪班结束后,老师、义工和学员开心留影,希望大家享用健康蔬食过旺年!Teachers, participants along with the volunteers took a group photo together as a wonderful memory.

We wish you a Happy Chinese New Year and best wishes in everything.

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