Welcome to Ban Foo Monastery

Propagating Buddhist Education for Spiritual Growth

Promoting Cultural Education and Moral Character

We are Ban Foo Monastery of Malaysia, a non-profit organization dedicated to propagating Buddhist education and elevating spiritual growth.

Social Values We Bring to Society

通过以下方式, 我们希望为社会创造正面影响。

Propagate Buddhist education

nurture monastic talent

Elevate spiritual cultivation​

Develop Buddhist sites

Elevate spiritual cultivation​

Care for the earth​

Precisely because we are in the age of degenerate Dharma, we need to work even harder! As long as you put in the effort, you are progressing. Many scriptures state that even in the era of true Dharma, there exists degeneration if one does not practice according to the Dharma; conversely, in the degenerate era, if one practices earnestly, the true Dharma will still remain in the world.

There are many ways to help our cause


Your donations are vital for maintaining facilities, printing educational materials, and funding projects. Every donation helps ensure the longevity of the Dharma.

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Opportunities to Transform Your Life 

Don't be limited by your current situation, take control of your life's direction, and sail towards a shore of limitless possibilities. Let every day be a new beginning.

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